Care and handling of your limited edition print
If your print was shipped unframed, it was sent in a packing tube in order to protect its edges from being damaged. Note that the surface of your print is delicate and can scratch. The supplied tissue paper is there to protect the print from damage when it is curled for shipping. If you are not getting the print mounted and framed right away, we recommend that you reuse the tissue paper and store the print in its packing tube in order to protect it. However, we do not recommend that you keep the print stored in this fashion for an extended period of time. Heat and/or humidity can cause the curl in the print to “set” making it more difficult to mount later. For this reason, we suggest that you get your limited edition print properly mounted and framed at your earliest possible convenience.

Mounting and displaying your limited edition print
Your print was produced to the highest standards of image quality and permanence. However, as with all paper-based artwork, proper care and handling will ensure image stability. It is recommended that you mount and frame your limited edition print promptly using acid-free mat-board, archival mounting board, and under a protective UV glass or acrylic. Furthermore, the print should be displayed in an area of low humidity and with limited exposure to ultra-violet (UV) rays, heat or direct sunlight. This will ensure the longevity of your print and is necessary for coverage under our warranty terms.

Mounting the certificate
If your print was purchased unframed from our studios, its Certificate of Authenticity will be found inside in the shipping container. However, if your print was shipped from one of our print bureaus, then your certificate will be shipped separately. The back of the certificate will contain two clear, non-permanent, adhesive squares to allow you to mount it. After the print has been framed, simply remove the thin cellophane liner from each square and affix the certificate somewhere on the back of the frame.