About the Artist
A cultural blend of Danish, Majorcan, and Spanish, Karl-Franz is an award-winning photographer and graphic artist with many years of Adobe product experience & training under his belt. An avid piano player since the age of three, he was a singer, guitarist, and keyboardist for several rock bands as well as a member of a French choir. After receiving degrees in Computer & Electrical Engineering, Electronic Music and Mathematics he began to pursue his desire to fuse the technical, scientific, creative, and artistic parts of his brain. This effort culminated in the development of his full-service technology and multimedia shop known as karlfranz.com which is a division of KFM Industries.

Karl-Franz is a passionate Nikon fanatic who has been using their gear to realize his artistic vision for more than three decades. As an Apple Evangelist, he promotes the advantages of using Macintosh-based tools to accomplish the goals of artists and professionals.

In a prior life, Karl-Franz worked for the Department of Defense designing equipment used for tracking nuclear warheads during missile tests from designated countries.
Consignment Work
Karl-Franz is available for custom artwork on a consignment basis. Whether we start with a high-resolution image or print that you provide or we schedule an appointment for a photo shoot to capture the image that you want, we can create a custom piece of artwork that will be unique and you will be proud to display in your home, office, or den.

Contact us with details on what your requirements are and we will tailor make a quote for you.

Note that most consignment work takes approximately 6 weeks to complete.